Meet the baker: Susie Bower 

Susie Bower was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and fell in love with Jamie in Sri Lanka in 1988. After a week of dating Jamie asked and received her parents blessing in marriage. A week later he proposed to Susie. She said YES!  They have been married since 1990 and 
have two grown children whom they are extremely proud of, both serving our country in the United States military.

While in Sri Lanka, they both found a deeper love of tea, touring the many tea plantations the country had to offer.
They have lived in many places to include multiple cities in Japan, where they created lifelong friendships. They enjoyed experiencing Japanese tea ceremonies and trying many forms of green tea with friends. 
Susie was in the fitness industry for decades and in 2019 retired for health reasons. Fitness was always her passion and she never imagined a life without it. Though sad to leave it, she realized she had been given an opportunity to follow another dream.
Having a tea shop has been a dream of Susie’s since she was a young child; however, it was not until she married Jamie and moved overseas with him, away from her parents cooking, that her love of baking and cooking developed. Having parents who were talented at baking/cooking she had never needed to. She had no choice but to learn. 
During their wedding speeches one of the jokes was, “anyone familiar with Susie’s cooking know’s she can make tea, tea and toast and on Sundays you get toast and jam.” :) 
Susie found herself quickly learning her way around the kitchen, though there were many failures and long distance phone calls to her mum along the way. She likes to think she has come a long way. 
Susie has always enjoyed entertaining and throws parties  yearly, usually Christmas cocktail and Spring tea parties, along with celebration cakes and goodies for her family and friends.  
After decades of struggling with health issues, Susie was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid disease in 2014. She had always cooked from scratch, but it was then that she really dove in to her diet further and read about the benefits of gluten free for autoimmune diseases. For her own gut health, Susie uses mostly organic ingredients, is gluten free and nut free, along with some other foods, and has found this has really helped handle her illness. 
Having grown up in Europe with some of the finest bakeries she was spoiled and has a sophisticated palette. It has taken several years to modify foods to a quality she is proud to offer the public. She will continue trying new recipes until they meet her high standards.
She looks forward to having a blether with you next time you stop in.